Ajanta & Ellora Cave : The Caves of Timeless art, Aurangabad, Maharashtra - Indian Cave Video


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http://www.indiahotelreview.com/ This is video of Ajanta & Ellora Cave : The Caves of Timeless art, Aurangabad, Maharashtra - Indian Cave Video, Caves of Aurangabad, so many historical statue & paintings are there.The Aurangabad caves are 12 artificial rock-cut Buddhist shrines located on a hill running roughly east to west, nearly 2 km north from Bibi Ka Maqbara in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The first reference of Aurangabad Caves is cited in the big Chaitya of Kanheri. The Aurangabad Caves were dug out of comparatively soft basalt rock during the 6th and 7th century. Caves are divided into three separate groups depending on their location. Sculptural carvings of Aurangabad Caves reached belong to highest achievements of Indian classical art and can be compared to the best paintings of Ajanta. It is Located deep inside the Sahayadri hill region, Ajanta Caves are a beauty to visit. The Caves Are Known for their Beautiful Depictions of the Buddhist Jatakas. There are about 29 caves in Ajanta. In ancient times because of their secluded location. These were used by the Buddhist monks for religious practices. Cave paintings are yet another feature of the Ajanta Indian Caves. Well Known cave Painting at this magnificent tourist destination Include Avalokiteshvara, Boddhisattvas and Padmapani. Images and sculptures of the great Budhha too are worth noticing. Ajanta cave can also find images of nymphs and princesses on the walls of the caves. Ajanta Indian Cave is just 700 Year Old caves nestled in the Panormic George in the Shape of a Gigantic horseshoe. Several stories from Jataka and illustrations from the life of Buddha are engraved on the walls of the Cave. Total number of caves found here are 31, of which 5 caves are Chaitya-Grihas or halls, and the rest are Sangharamas or Viharas . Ellora Caves is the symbol of Buddhist halls of worship, Monasteries and Hindu and Jain temples. It took over five centuries to dug these temples and monasteries out of the ground. The artistic legacy of the Ellora caves has earned it the honor of being a world heritage site. India Provide the Impressive range of caves located out the country. Dating Back to the Thousand year old, caves in India are epitome of architectural masterpiece. Putting its charm to delight alive despite being so old and delapidated, these caves with its unique architectural beauty have become world famous tourists center to be visited by visitors from all over. Caving in India is an adventure into the pre-historic times, which should not be missed on the tour to India. Hope you have enjoyed watching indian cave video. Courtesy : - Maharashtra Tourism

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